Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management (B.S.E.M.) HK-EDB Reg. No. 271637

  • The Saint Mary’s University Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management Course is one of the elite courses to be recognized by the prestigious Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation (HKCAA).

    Registered under the Hong Kong Education Bureau Non-Local Courses Registry as a post-secondary course, SMU Hong Kong is licensed to issue University units to all secondary school graduates residing in Hong Kong. (HK Education Bureau Registration No. 271637)

    Saint Mary’s University has successfully produced graduates in Hong Kong since its establishment and these alumni have now become successful in their chosen fields.

    The BSEM Program focuses on the essentials of planning, organizing, directing and controlling functions of operating a business as the entrepreneur assuming the responsibilities and risks involved. Students use their creativity in enterprise development, analyze markets, prepare financials and develop a business plan as the capstone of the course.

    The main areas of focus are:

    • Learn basics for ownership and operation of businesses
    • Business plan development for starting and financing a small business
    • Create and run a business
    • Learn from community small business owner relationships
    • Marketing and advertising for business
    • Address e-commerce issues and functions for a small business
    • Financing and managing business
    • Employment topics
    • Taxes and legal aspects of owning a business

    The Program also includes Liberal Arts subjects in various disciplines that are common in Bachelor Degree Programs such as English, History, Mathematics, and Social Studies.The program adopts the mixed mode of delivery, wherein students complete the program through classroom attendance as well as modular classes.

Subjects to be taken by Advanced Diploma Holders
Academic Credits
1 Philo2 Christian Thoughts & Moral Val. 3
2 ENTREP1 Intro to Entrepreneurship 3
3 ENTREP2 Business Opportunities1 3
4 ENTREP3 Business Opportunities 2 3
5 ENTREP4 Production Operations & Mgt. 3
6 ENTREP6 Business Planning 1 3
7 ENTREP7 Business Planning 2 3
8 ENTREP8 Business Plan Implementation 1 5
9 ENTREP9 Bus. Plan Implemenration 2 5
10 ENTREP10 Entrepreneurship Integration Course 3
11 ELEC1 Franchising 3
12 ELEC2 Food Processing & Preserv. 3
13 ELEC3 Agribusiness Management 3
14 Psycho2 Chrisitan Personality Development 3
Total Academic Credits 46







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